An Amenity that Simplifies Your Life


S-Concierge has been operating in the MDU space for nearly 10 years. Our focus is to simplify you and your residents’ lives. Our white-glove concierge team will handle all of your residents home-entertainment and cell phone needs. For our partners, (that’s you) our unmatched incentive program will have you jumping for joy every time your local S-Concierge representative walks into your office.



The S-Concierge Program was built with you, the leasing expert, in mind. We created our program to be great for your residents and simple for you. With our monthly contest, cash payouts, and on-site parties, you are not going to want to miss out on the S Concierge program.



Cash Payout

Our cash payout system is the bedrock of our incentive program. Every resident that you enter into our portal that we setup with AT&T products allows you to earn up to $30 per resident. Think of all the fun extra things you can buy with all that cash!


Monthly Lotto Contest

Every month we roll out a exciting new contest for our leasing agents across the country. Prizes range from cruises to Apple Watches or maybe just a big fat check! We select multiple winners every month on Facebook Live!


Resident Events

We offer resident events of all types. We can have a tailgate party with our big tent or setup a sophisticated wine and cheese evening for your residents.

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Simple Systems

We realize your days are hectic, and time is of the essence! That is why we made our resident entering system so simple. Our two-step process will have you done within a minute!



Getting set up with S Concierge is super simple! All you need to do is enter your info below, and our local Slingshot representative will reach out! After that, our quick on-boarding process will have you earning cash and winning cruises in no time!


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